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My family calls our time around the table our chat & chew. We talk about our days, what we learned or saw or heard or thought. We often engage in conversation and debate about what's going on around us in the world. And we listen. 


I understand it is the nature of my profession that dinner at home with my family will not always be in the cards.  If I can’t be at home for dinner, I want to create an experience at Rhubarb that replicates that feeling of sharing a family table for others, and selfishly, for me.

However you define family or community, my hope is that you will reserve a place at our communal tables with your family and friends at Rhubarb’s Sunday Supper. Our goal is to make it easy and delicious, and to share a little chat & chew time together.

Each Sunday at 6:30 we serve a three-course meal at the communal tables. The Sunday Supper menu is different from the regular restaurant menu and reflects the bounty of the weekend markets presented family style. Also, a local guest farmer hosts our weekly convivial community tables. It’s not just “farm to table”, it’s “Farmer to Table”. We start with a selection of snacks to pass, proceed to an entrée with several accompaniments served family style and finish with dessert. 

I believe in the power of the table, the value of passing food, sharing stories and listening.

The supper table is a universal opportunity for people who may or may not know each other to reflect on the day and on their shared experiences.  Maybe children and restaurants don’t always mix perfectly, but the table is where kids learn to talk, listen, share, and become a part of a community. Families and communities, however you define them, harmonize naturally at the dinner table, at a restaurant or in the home. That’s how I hope everyone will experience Sunday Supper.

Rhubarb's dining room is also open for individual reservations on Sunday evenings. Sunday Supper dishes are sometimes available a la carte in the dining room...just ask your server.   

October 20